Who am I, otherwise?

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side,

it’s greener where you water it.”

Sharni Montgomery

Nikki Dhull

By Sharni | Published: 27/07/2010

Who is Nikki Dhull?

Presently,  a contradiction in herself…I am not too sure yet!
But as for my name:
On the passport I am a human being..err..I mean, a ‘woman-being’ called Anshul Dhull and Nikki is what I have been nicknamed.

So, up until 2008 this was a name only known to my closest family and friends but moving to Australia..I have decided to use it ‘extensively’ .

To family and to Australians I am Nikki 🙂

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

Well, that is a tough one because mostly I live in my dreamworld and there’s a lot happening there! 🙂

Okay, landing in reality, after spending 13 months ‘all over’  Melbourne changing accommodations for one reason or the other, I have recently moved to Adelaide and I simply love everything about this small wonder-filled city.

The skies, the colour of the trees and bushes, the chirping birds, the park lands, North Terrace and South Terrace, the tram line, the juxtaposed heritage buildings with the modern ones and ah! so much more but mainly its people. I am considerably new here so still discovering more to love!

What makes you laugh the most in the world?

Politicians sometimes crack the hell out of me! I know nothing of politics except that we have a democratic government (whatever that means) and disappointing but I have never voted to date 😦

I should have. I felt like it so many times but like I said I live in a dreamworld, there was no need for a government up there and I kept moving so much in my part of my country India and stages of my weird simple life that I wasn’t able to vote!

Apart from that my own stupidities make me go bonkers laughing over something that no one can really make sense of!

What qualities in a person are the most desirable?

Positivity, wit, acceptance and a sense of freedom to be yourself, no matter where.

Yes, even in a board room meeting or a funeral, Just be you. Don’t pretend.
Not many will  follow what I say so that is good or  you might lose your job or a relative’s concern/respect/whatever.

How do you water your grass?

With the hose full of happiness , sprinkler of love, funny sprays sometimes and yeah, timely weeding out – eh! does weeding-out count as watering?!? (Yep!)

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?

Oh! I am still young 🙂 that’s what people keep telling me here in Adelaide and I feel younger… so, nothing really.

Take life ‘full on’ as it comes, don’t force yourselves on to it,ONLY breathing it for the sake of being a living being.

If you could have any three people over for dinner who would you invite and what would you cook?

Don’t be surprised but it will have to be this ‘one horse town’ girl with her cowboy and my favourite artist Monte although you will have to help me cooking-up for him 🙂

As for you two country people, it will mostly be all vegetarian; a blend of Indian with may be some western touch, how? I do not know until I cook 🙂

It would be the regular normal North Indian meal at my home in India, nothing special but I am sure you will like it.

A dry veg cooked in olive oil consisting Capsicum, Tomatoes, Onions predominantly with the regular Indian Spice and some raisins or sultanas. (Choice of Eggs, Cottage Cheese or Tofu)
Indian tava rotis made of wheat flour. (Have many options for the same but like I said, every day based North Indian food)
Masoor Daal (Yellow Lentils)
Basmati Rice (Steamed/plain boiled or may be Jeera Rice, depends what you will prefer)
A raita (Choice of cucumber or carrots)
Kachumber Salad (With ‘taught by my mum’ dressing)
Choice of Sweet Dish, I mean dessert : Semolina Halwah or Kheer ( These are the only sweet dishes I know how to make!

By the way Sharni, you can also come for a brunch and you will be amazed what you would have as a spread out, simple but delicious!! (Oh Stop it I am STARVING!)

You would not believe after reading all this, but I am not an every day cook and in fact started cooking mainly after coming here to Adelaide (Melbourne had its moments and my mum can not believe all that I cook!!)

I certainly like cooking and would love to invite people over to hear what they have to say in praises ;)!

It gives me a high as I never thought I could cook deliciously because I find my own cooked food tasteless !

I want to cook for my parents, friends and family back home, I feel that every time I cook here. I have hardly cooked for them ever.

What is your personal remedy for when you are feeling down?

Well, I write now and also cook, I go for a walk…sometimes call someone just like that and once in a while ‘can’t help’ but cry my ‘down feeling’ out,

In India it was mainly watch a movie, listen to music and again with music on – sometimes drive my blues out on the roads in the chaos of the city (Oh! I miss driving and long drives).

Sometimes,weirdly, just wash clothes and no I did not have a washing machine there.

I used to also sketch or paint during my college ‘feeling down’ days but I found this remedy got over after 2003, I think. Oh! this was the most powerful remedy I have ever had and I should try imbibe it once again, I guess.

Because I know you are the Poetess – here is a poetic challenge – tell us in poem form what you love most about life.

I love life in any form
or probably every
at least in this phase
there’s nothing really
I have to chase

Except my inner selves
I have many
I learned that
and want to know
who all in side me delves

These are my hidden lives
*are they?* I wonder

but we all for sure
love a thing called life
in most of its forms
some may cry in a strife
to probably emerge stron(g)

My mind takes me to places
I have never been
these were there but were unseen
I reveal one self and the other
some die instant death while some smother

Sharni, I am not lying when I write this
there’s lot inside and I keep it a miss
some times due to circumstances
may be at times I got no chances
seriously half the time I do not know
what exactly do I have or where can it all show

But no doubt I love life
and care not now
how much more
do I have to strive!?!

Wow Nikki! Poetess and a cook! Don’t underestimate yourself!

Sharni Montgomery

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