Life and a bit of Its Philosophy

Today, I read it somewhere,
“If you had never made any mistakes, you’d never have learned a thing, and if you never learn, you never grow. Who wants to live like that?”

– Not me! prompt came a reply inside my head. I am someone who loves life. It’s been hard, yes, but then what is life if it doesn’t have its shares of lows and highs? And fears and struggles? And joys and sorrows? And of course, Mistakes.

(This Miss Takes or Risks! Excuse me, that is self-talk.)

How would one know the importance of a night if they don’t experience a day? Or how would one feel the light of joy that comes after some grief or a deep dark slumber? Things are easy said/typed than done but I walk this path of life experiencing life in every little thing from a tiny little ant, to the dew drops, from a simple box to the stars and from planets Earth, Venus to Mars (Ok, that came in just to rhyme!)

So, what is life actually – the BIG question people ask themselves or others; wandering in their day-today life, trapped in a societal scrutiny and their respective roles and jobs. I say, they actually need to stop. BREATHE. And breathe a bit more to feel the air rushing through their nostrils into their lungs and exhale what ever confusion or chaos they feel. It is an advice unasked for but I wish to write what my take on certain things are.

Breathing helps a big deal as in the hubbub of life that runs around paying bills, providing and protecting or being responsible and practical, chasing something people themselves are unsure of takes the energy they should also have for themselves.

Prioritise yourself because if you don’t– how would you take care of others who are dependent on you or how will you do things that you really want to?

So I repeat, breathe and breathe and breathe till you feel your nerves settling down and till you feel a bit of your comfortable self. Just breathe.

Life is nothing but living/feeling the present. As most of the spiritual philosophies also put it in different ways or manners or techniques and thoughts.

The problem I think is that people talk and they talk and talk, rarely listen. So when they listen, they must follow as they took somebody’s energy and time to let their emotions out and ‘sort of’ ask help. On the other hand, the listener let others feelings seep in and probably learns a few things about himself/herself and says/offers things/suggestions wholeheartedly, hoping the speaker will understand and follow or at least give the talk a thought, deciding what suits him or her in the end.

We of course do what WE will really want to. Like that silly saying goes “Suno sab ki, Karo mann ki!” 

Life is such, it will offer you choices and tell you opinions. It will be rough at times and smoother some times. At other times, it will just be. So, live it the way it is and work towards the way you want it to be.

I think that is enough of a moral lecture, for me and for you and for anyone who reads it.

So, see you in the next post, may be?

Till then – Breathe. Be in the moment. Relish the feelings the moment offers. Let thoughts come and go by. Don’t stick to one particular thought. After all these are only thoughts – our brain has its job to do. It creates thoughts but you have the power to drive them away or let them stay. So, choose what you want. Choose what suits you better than what will suit others. Listen to your heart and yes, please don’t deny what the mind also tries to emphasise plus be aware of your loved ones or whose life is affected by your words/actions.

It is a tough balance but again it isn’t impractical to fill your own-self and also the people around you, i mean, people who matter.

I know this isn’t as easy as these words make it sound but try it, this isn’t impossible either. No matter where you are, who you are, which barriers you might have to cross or be enclosed in; you can still be free and be yourself.

Aah.. I guess that is enough. 🙂

Have a good day.

Life is Beautiful

These recent posts here are coming like to be ‘my Chandigarh Diaries’ online 🙂

Today, at the pottery session, I made a ring just like that; and by the end of it — it was like- I am now engaged to Pottery!! 😉 The day was as wonderful as the life itself.

I woke up late, umm, like around 7 or was it 8?!? For the early hours till probably 12 — I was just kinda lost…was it about a post?!? I think so. Anyway..don’t pay attention to this part—-that’s the nonsense bit I sometimes bring up here!
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The Visual Outlet

The built up energies,
Burnt the past effigies

Heart warms up to you
Yes, I want to thank you..

Thank you.
For pursuing me
For agonising and then soothing me
For embracing my soul
For accepting me as a whole.

For much more.. I thank you
I promise,
I will not bother you anymore.

Just be present
Live the moment

Beautiful, this life is so beautiful!

Okay, done with the poetry bit.
Song of the day — O mere dil ke chaien
Feeling of the day– Joy
Others — Nothing much.

Romancing Chandigarh

After a long, long, a very long time— I am back here..back to the ‘snippets’ of me. This time, it’s about Chandigarh—another place that has a special ‘place’ in my life! 🙂

I have come to visit here and my friends give me the comfort to just be. The feeling is lovely..steady with some dashes of deja vu!

This is the place where I studied arts from. I came into the College of Arts as a teenager to be adult, all of 18 years and today, when I am some 7 years plus to 30; I am here..back again. Not that I haven’t been to Chandigarh.. in these past years, I have but on fleeting visits with other stuff  to do.

Presently, I am here on my explore the self just a bit more.

I see what the city has evolved to and how I have grown as an individual! It’s invigorating.

I am in the moment of every day and I see beauty all around. The city has become more modern, fast-paced but it still has that tranquility, we hanker for. The mere thought of being in Chandigarh, all by myself, has given me much comfort for past two weeks and I was awaiting the timezone I am in. 🙂

Long live Chandigarh- The City Beautiful, an apt sobriquet.

Let a poem flow in now?
It’s quite time to! 🙂

Alright N,
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My Winter Solstice 2014

Quick Press. The title of the poem is up here…I mean ‘there’ 😉
Okay, I don’t have much time but I have had an extra ordinary week-end and I want to record that memory digitally here. 🙂 I have always wanted a five day/week job that I never got  here, in India, but now I have accustomed to make my job fun through out the week so I don’t generally need weekends to ‘do it’ for me!! So, this Friday to Sunday night now, it’s 11.15 pm-
I have had a gala time and it’s better of me to shut up now. .. .. . .so I’ll just list it down!

What made my weekend special –

  • The students response on Friday ( It was their English exam)
  • Preparations for Annual Day -2 ( It takes me back to my own school days)
  • The much awaited film ‘PK’ (I went to watch it with my folks!)
  • The surprise of ‘Theater in Hisar’ (more on it later) that I have been following for…ummm…uh! this memory loss!
    Well, I had to believe what I realized was true. (!!!) – I mean, this theater thing is now just next door. They have shifted at a walking distance place to my home!! WOW!
  • The play performed this evening – ‘Patloon’ (meaning ‘Pants/Trousers’ in English)

Alright now, let’s gear up for the poet-tree:

The shortest day and longest night
I had a good weekend and the happiest was Sunday
from morning to noon to ‘now’ …tonight.
That ‘monkey moment’ in the balcony, and
– that was emotional, and not funny.

A misty morning that seemed like morning
only by 11’0′ clock
An FB post and that ‘moment’ block(ed)
Noon without the nap….colder the day gets, the usual house chores
A walk around ‘my’ sector with a hood and later a cap 😉
The barking black dog, the sobering whitish grey fog
appeared out of which – the man with my ticket to the play
‘la la la’ i walked around or did I sway?!


Evening brought my brother home
the 5 o’clock family tea was a norm;
wonder filled fragrance my sister sent
while she’s off to Thailand!

Ok, my dad says to switch off the lights
turn off the laptop
in goes the keyboard
he says
Good night.

Damn..i wanted to write but see –a plight.
Never mind, I will be back.


Out for a date; finally.

Hisar – has been in top national news for a few days now, probably two weeks– Thanks to a foolish idiotic Baba (Saint) I detest when somebody can not stand by the title they self-acclaim and otherwise also bring a bad name to a word that is so pure and…eh! I don’t want to start on all this; and I only wanted a break!

Yeah, and. . .I am glad ‘he’ came over for a visit 🙂
I know him since years. Past twenty years now. Yeah, that is a very long time. And today, I finally had a chance to go out on a date with him. Am I happy? – huh, that is a stupid question now- I am Super Happy.
It was a dinner date and started with a happy hug and an altruistic kiss:) Hmm. Continue reading

An August Saturday

- the weed with a pretty flower in deed?!?


These days, when I walk out of my lovely duplex house in Adelaide ( I rent a room here & ours is a shared house accommodation) I am seeing the winter season transforming itself to spring-type summers with rain/drizzle/light or heavy pouring plus so many colours blooming in the form of flowers and pretty weeds; you know? 🙂 … that I am reminded of a sunday-types *sunny* Monday I had last month in July…I had to refer a diary note I made just before I slept that night to let me record/remember that wonderful day & I am so glad that amidst the ‘mess’ in my room- eh! shall we call it ‘paper mess’-? as I usually keep my room really clean otherwise *hmm* except under certain URGENT-type conditions!! <—— whatever 😉 Continue reading