Poetess in Me

I know poetry is not only about rhyming the words but you know I am only an average woman who is sharing herself in the virtual world and I kind of suffer this rhyming neurosis…in this part of the blog, you will see the effects of the affect! 🙂

I remember writing articles and poems for my school magazine as a kid and I also remember myself reciting a heartfelt poem that was supposed to be a farewell speech. In the day-assembly, highlighting how our class 12 had contributed to school or how good or bad students we had been, our teachers spoke and the principal spoke and being a prefect amongst other school cabinet members, I spoke.

It was a surprise to many, including myself 🙂 that I composed a poem of the whole experience that my school, VDJS gave me and how I saw it rising and falling and growing and how I truly felt the change I went through as my school progressed compromising or expanding its initial foundation, rules and regulations…I had a heavy heart as I recited because I spent 12 years of my life there and saw highs and lows of me as well as of my school.

Those were the days. Gone and past but today when I opened my blog to write, I thought to add this page where my stupid and not so stupid poetry 😉 will keep popping because sometimes I just can not help but rhyme when I write. It is a coincidence. It naturally comes to me and I fail to understand why because at times this rhyming thing gets onto my nerves and I have to ‘vomitype’ to get over it! Of course back in school, I did not know of this odd head of mine but I know I wanted to write a speech and I was fairly nervous when I had a poem instead! I did write a formal speech later in the morning but never read it out. 🙂

P.S.: I added this page and I do not understand how to add posts under this so you may click on the categories instead (on the right) if you are looking to read only the poems.

2 thoughts on “Poetess in Me

    • 🙂 I should take a course in poetry or creative writing,
      I think but I got no money.
      And anyway, I simply write to keep me sane and fine,
      Now do you know that honey !?!

      I can NEVER, Jess, abuse (you)
      all I wish to do is amuse (you) 😉

      Rhyming may tend to overkill*
      for me it works like a pill 🙂

      *I did not know that but I feel very irritated sometimes when I can not stop.


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