Poem of me.

What would it be like being a Washing Machine?
What would it be like being a Washing Machine?

Flipping over my old notebooks to find a contact number, I found this poem penned in the City Library of Melbourne!

Those of you read me know that I have a habit of simply venting out the chaos in my mind, writing it down and sometimes share that here on the Snippets.

Actually I write.. release the emotions and then forget as I let them out on paper!
Amongst many phases in my life, this one’s quoted on 13th July 2009 being published on WP tonight. Strange & funny, I feel now, reading it but that’s the way it is. Enjoy the poetry while I try to figure out how it happened?

New to Melbourne then, i was trying to settle..and you will read below the impacts of being ‘not so’ settled!


Fear – of the unknown,
it takes me over…

Why-I try to find out
and feel an emptiness, a hollow;
which needs a shower…

A shower
to wash off this intense feeling,
to rinse off the guilt
and need a thorough cleaning…

YES, spin-it on…and spin it off..
tread the path of self-healing…

Ah! Just a phase..I tell myself,
face it to let go of it!!

I were a washing machine.
Switch ON
Turn to ‘Auto’ mode;
Dip,Wash,Rinse & Spin –

Ready for another wash??

—————–This was scribbled inside my NB——————–
Washing Machine Spin --lol I am happy finding this poem in my notebook!

A Post in Time

Before a good night’s sleep…

I await the message to beep;

I can do without it…

I tell myself..

But at the same time;

I need a rhyme!

A rhyme

To be out of my system.

A rhyme

To let sweet dreams come!


I need today’s balance sheet

Before I go to my retreat!


Thinking how my days, for the past one week, have been; I wish to sleep with calming and harmonious notes that my mind runs into,every now and then!

Will be here again sometime…till then eat, sleep and pray. 🙂 I tell myself yet again!

Mesmerising Mornings

Though I have become a morning person since mostly after 2011..2009 and 2010 had their moments..I hadn’t got many a chance lately to write a post about ‘Mornings’ as such; being scattered and often in a rush, each morning. That surely doesn’t mean that I have only enjoyed this morning 🙂
I have had similar feelings for almost all the mornings, those gave me little breathing space…like this one, today.

I now strive to make time for myself in the mornings..and I guess, I am somewhat successful over the years. I wake up after generally around 5.15 a.m.

Today, this comes at 5.40 a.m.

As I sip my mocha in a Nescafe red mug…
I sit to think how beautiful mornings are.

A bird there and here,
And another cuckoo sound there,
A little breeze,
A vivid radiant sky…

A meditative nature beneath my first floor,
Some motivational songs on the radio,
Some devotional bhajans..

A preacher with verses that incentivize, in between,
Wow! Mornings can be so inspiring
So clean.

When I ride my Bicycle

I am not sure if I mentioned my ‘love’ for the activity- cycling!? I don’t think so..else my tags would have shown. 🙂

So, you know, that I just love the rides I take on my bicycle–and specially the morning ones! I have in fact , a short time ago, returned from the bike ride,sipping some tea!! And probably you can feel how happy I am at the moment. It has been quite sometime, I rode, considering the harsh weather 🙂 and some laziness! Continue reading

School Soon

It’s been a while that I am back home from my Chandigarh Trip; where I have done some pottery, that awaits me there.
Besides, in Hisar – my school awaits me. I fell terribly sick with viral fever on 29th of June while we (the teachers) were to join school on the 2nd of July, for children it got regular from 4th July. I can’t be sure if kids miss me at school but I genuinely think of them on almost everyday basis. Something or the other clicks and I reach the school in my mind 🙂

Now, though my fever is okay–having unfortunately given me good memory loss of the past week; today I am much better but got a little throat infection – thanks to change of season. I suffer this as when i was a kid, some doctor misguided my parents and they had got my tonsils removed!! And you know how I agreed – along with a cousin of mine, for the operation- as they said, we would get lot of ICE-cream to eat! Wow! what else a kid would want in summers apart from cold baths and icy stuff!! Continue reading

My Little HomeTown – Hisar

A distinguished state of Haryana, Hisar is my town/my city/my place for good or worse. I have lived here for quite a few years…umm.. like, I guess 12 and then from year 1999 to 2008 went to metro cities to work and acquire more professional knowledge (read Fine Arts Degree and some Diploma Courses)…

As life took its course, circumstances happened and here I came back again late in the year 2010; after the Melbourne and Adelaide stints 😉
But it is after around since 2013, I have actually developed affection or rather appreciation of the city- my own home-town!  So, you can say now I have been living in Hisar for almost five years… and loving it. 🙂 Continue reading

Chandigarh to Hisar

As I was packing off from Chandigarh to Hisar –
I was feeling…
Well, I don’t know what I was feeling..but the journey was cool
With rains here and there
The weather seemed pretty good; mum-dad and I were reviving memories of childhood and the radio played beautiful songs. Today being RD Burman’s birthday – the radio in the car had songs from my mum’s college days, well, mostly and dad was smiling as she sang along some of the songs that were close to her heart 🙂

Just as we stopped over at my Bua’s place – Tohana – we were kinda hungry and mum made some hot pakodas with tea. We all sat and talked and had great fun relishing each bite. Sometimes, only such family gatherings, is all that you need to feel connected.

Hisar, however – is so hot. Though rains showered and breeze was cool…my neighbour said– there was a huge storm before it rained! Hisar is,any which ways, famous for it’s extreme weather and sandy something..well, not a storm..but well ‘aandhi‘ — I can’t get the right English word- sorry!

So..our home was heated and humid inside. We opened all the doors and with in an hour or so, every thing was settled to the normal routine. I am still a little in Chandigarh Lanes so thought to calm my veins and write the memory -in! 🙂
Visited – a nursery on the way
Flowers bought home – Mogra (probably, that’s jasmine in Hindi)
Hibiscus in white and also pink and Teardrops (!) a leafy thing — will write about it.