It is time to say ‘Namaste’ Europe!

I am an odd head so i often dip into my own wonderland but it’s absolutely a dream coming true mid October when tomorrow I fly to Eastern Europe. I am excited as it’s been quite a few years that I ‘tripped’ into a foreign land!

Looking forward to feel the new surroundings, the scenic beauty, the people and the culture while exploring five different countries; I also want to savour the food, the bakery assortments, coffee, fruits, wine and what not apart from sight seeing, transportation, parks, streets loaded with flowers, the vast clear blue skies and the white cloud fluff which is a sight I hardly find here.

I remember how i was in awe of Europe since the epic romantic movie DDLJ! It was a teenage dream to visit Europe then.

I have often missed Australia and all that it offered. The last I went to Oz was in 2013 and celebrated the new year. There is so much to experience there yet but I can’t wait to step into Europe as of now.

I cannot be expressive enough about the much desired break! Break from school, from my hometown and from India as such where negative news rules these days. The tv telecast is full with political dramas, rape or molestation cases, self acclaimed god men and frauds etc. Sometimes the news is so heart-wrenching that i need to escape though I don’t watch much news or read papers but it floats around no matter how, sooner or later. Actually, all this may be just an excuse…I just wanted a break!!

Anyway, I should be in the moment and so…

Europe, see you soon!

Europe Euphoria

Being Alive

Buzzing with Life
I have beeen quite busy
and well, you can say 
also a bit of lazy…
Medications play their role
and I am safer this time 
not going down that 
same old rabbit hole.
Here’s what I do
I call it My Routine
for now.
I go to school,
learn, read, and teach.
Around two in the noon
-it’s time for me to come home –
yes, I reach.
Then, I don’t know?!?
I eat and drink some
after which I rest a bit.
Later, I am yet unsure!
How time plays its game
on its very own…
I create a bit and write very little;
I also exercise
and mostly listen to some
beautiful songs.
Yeah, it’s just this.
Just all this and a little bit of that too
There’s much said than I do
But yes, I am fine
& I love my life!
How about you?
Lots of love

Phase in my Life

Though tired of my falls and the rise
I think, I have sort of acclimatised
to the life I have inside me and 
the life outside of me.

It still amuses me
how interesting a life can be
that has cycles of 
repression, regression,
and various other ‘shuns’
turning into 
minus the expectation(s)
Will this lead to an exhilaration?
Well, that isn’t the question.
At least,
not in the moment.
some things lie dormant
but of course,
life can never be stagnant
… not for me
this life is, i think…
in fact a strange juxtaposition.