Life and a bit of Its Philosophy

Today, I read it somewhere,
“If you had never made any mistakes, you’d never have learned a thing, and if you never learn, you never grow. Who wants to live like that?”

– Not me! prompt came a reply inside my head. I am someone who loves life. It’s been hard, yes, but then what is life if it doesn’t have its shares of lows and highs? And fears and struggles? And joys and sorrows? And of course, Mistakes.

(This Miss Takes or Risks! Excuse me, that is self-talk.)

How would one know the importance of a night if they don’t experience a day? Or how would one feel the light of joy that comes after some grief or a deep dark slumber? Things are easy said/typed than done but I walk this path of life experiencing life in every little thing from a tiny little ant, to the dew drops, from a simple box to the stars and from planets Earth, Venus to Mars (Ok, that came in just to rhyme!)

So, what is life actually – the BIG question people ask themselves or others; wandering in their day-today life, trapped in a societal scrutiny and their respective roles and jobs. I say, they actually need to stop. BREATHE. And breathe a bit more to feel the air rushing through their nostrils into their lungs and exhale what ever confusion or chaos they feel. It is an advice unasked for but I wish to write what my take on certain things are.

Breathing helps a big deal as in the hubbub of life that runs around paying bills, providing and protecting or being responsible and practical, chasing something people themselves are unsure of takes the energy they should also have for themselves.

Prioritise yourself because if you don’t– how would you take care of others who are dependent on you or how will you do things that you really want to?

So I repeat, breathe and breathe and breathe till you feel your nerves settling down and till you feel a bit of your comfortable self. Just breathe.

Life is nothing but living/feeling the present. As most of the spiritual philosophies also put it in different ways or manners or techniques and thoughts.

The problem I think is that people talk and they talk and talk, rarely listen. So when they listen, they must follow as they took somebody’s energy and time to let their emotions out and ‘sort of’ ask help. On the other hand, the listener let others feelings seep in and probably learns a few things about himself/herself and says/offers things/suggestions wholeheartedly, hoping the speaker will understand and follow or at least give the talk a thought, deciding what suits him or her in the end.

We of course do what WE will really want to. Like that silly saying goes “Suno sab ki, Karo mann ki!” 

Life is such, it will offer you choices and tell you opinions. It will be rough at times and smoother some times. At other times, it will just be. So, live it the way it is and work towards the way you want it to be.

I think that is enough of a moral lecture, for me and for you and for anyone who reads it.

So, see you in the next post, may be?

Till then – Breathe. Be in the moment. Relish the feelings the moment offers. Let thoughts come and go by. Don’t stick to one particular thought. After all these are only thoughts – our brain has its job to do. It creates thoughts but you have the power to drive them away or let them stay. So, choose what you want. Choose what suits you better than what will suit others. Listen to your heart and yes, please don’t deny what the mind also tries to emphasise plus be aware of your loved ones or whose life is affected by your words/actions.

It is a tough balance but again it isn’t impractical to fill your own-self and also the people around you, i mean, people who matter.

I know this isn’t as easy as these words make it sound but try it, this isn’t impossible either. No matter where you are, who you are, which barriers you might have to cross or be enclosed in; you can still be free and be yourself.

Aah.. I guess that is enough. 🙂

Have a good day.

A Little Writing Therapy

While half the Indians go preposterous about the Bihar Political scene and the other half binges on their favourite Indian TV shows, I sit here with a cup of hot chocolate to realise how mundane my life has become once more without that sought after TV channel- Zindagi I followed only recently…err…been two years or a little more I guess. The channel satiated my adventitious soul as life in Hisar isn’t as cool as it had been in Chandigarh, Delhi or Australia(ah!) Not that I don’t like living here but somedays…you know?! Continue reading

Ranting Ritual

Sometimes, I think I just don’t belong here. I have been an outsider(well, sort of) most of the times, I mean, I have lived a life away from home for many years. Many years until I got married. Yeah, marriage happened for whatever reasons and then separation and then finally a divorce and I finally started living at home. It wasn’t easy but today when I sit back and think how life has changed for me, afterwards – I actually pat myself.  I have with each year and a low-high phase become more acceptable and accommodating to my environs, more mature or maybe this is what I will like to think-write. Continue reading

Flash Back: 2009

I did not have any big dreams or expectations and I had my mind made up to face the new life I was coming to. After all, I have been self-sufficient and independent for quite a few years now and a ‘small-time’ failed marriage would not affect professional accomplishments, I thought; after getting over my short stint in matrimony and staying away from any sort of connection, recovering and accepting what I was going through, avoiding the social dramas in India but never in my wildest or weirdest thoughts did I think that in Melbourne, I would lose whatever little I was left with. 😦

Continue reading

Technology not my cup of Tea

Funny it is, I always knew it but did not accept it the way I do today. I mean getting fearful of scales, units, measures, trigonometry, 2D 😉 and 3D and numbers to multiply, add, subtract, you know!?! yeah also division and LCM/HCF *whatever*

( Subject: MATHS please don’t be offended!)

Yes, I used to take help of a friend for the size of a poster/layout I designed in college and help of a colleague when I designed an ad layout or something like it 🙂 yes, I don’t believe it but I used/use computers for the weirdest stuff you know, and not very weird like – to earn a living may be and definitely not weird ‘blogging’ 🙂 but I also remember of a file (computer!) or the canvas ‘size’ I painted without any boundary and without any constraint without any specific size given to me which later got customized or framed as the client wanted or like I keep saying, it was ‘structured’ to be. I have paintings lying back at home in India incomplete and blank canvases here in my room as well; small canvases, I can not afford BIG canvas or a limitless canvas rather!! Wow! I love being unemployed 😉 These canvases sometime scream to get coloured..I have always liked colours too, literal the physical colours and colours of life, nature and humans.

I have used pastels, crayons, pencil colours, acrylic, oils and just about every possible medium I could. Yes, even charcoal and dry pastels and damn! you won’t believe it ‘gouache’ recently, here in Adelaide (I tried and what a frustration I got!) And have small canvases still in my room but well, I think they are not calling me yet to be painted as they went in my drawer as of now 😉

Song of the day:

🙂 Njoy! the e-joy way! 😉

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Movies groove Me

*Wow..those were some days, I recall sitting away from all this nostalgia that comes hitting when I watch movies alone sometimes or with not very exciting movie co-goers/watchers.*  Being wistful today, I think. 🙂

I have always been a film fanatic (!!) yes, since as long as I remember being poor in Maths ;).. I also remember how I used to watch any and every movie I could get a chance to. No matter the film review, the star cast or the hit/flop stuff, I could never detest a movie because of the hard work that goes into film making and because it is an art form. I used to think of all the people behind making of a movie – the ones who do not even get any credit. Seriously, no one would ever hear me saying ‘i didn’t like the movie’ 🙂 I chose to keep quiet rather than let kids my age laugh if I said ‘it was fine.’ Few of my friends knew this so I would discuss the good points of the film with them and tried to convince others how difficult a scene or the act would be to accomplish and blah..blah..blah..I really kept appreciating dumbest of the movies and I will not like who would bad mouth a film 🙂 This was my school-time Continue reading

Till the time I get my stuff done.

This past week was interestingly busy but I kept away from getting lot of important stuff done for myself specially regarding the new-start-strategy of Job Hunt, only on the pretext of being half-day employed (read: self-employed) for past 10-12 days. More on it when I write next.  So, even though I thought of keeping up the happy routine and getting more focused on my ‘to do’ list after few of these days that went by positively occupied and earning little money to keep me through the Job-hunting days and this Jobless phase – I now feel I wasted the whole day through! Huh?! Continue reading