Life is Beautiful

These recent posts here are coming like to be ‘my Chandigarh Diaries’ online 🙂

Today, at the pottery session, I made a ring just like that; and by the end of it — it was like- I am now engaged to Pottery!! 😉 The day was as wonderful as the life itself.

I woke up late, umm, like around 7 or was it 8?!? For the early hours till probably 12 — I was just kinda lost…was it about a post?!? I think so. Anyway..don’t pay attention to this part—-that’s the nonsense bit I sometimes bring up here!
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Dressed Up for the Day

I walked in a certain Deja Vu.
Dressed in a skirt of blue..
With a borrowed pair of ear-rings
beaded in purple and sea-green…
Along with some Kohl smeared
In my pink eyes;
I felt my spirits of goodness rise!!”

When in South Australia, I had often felt Adelaide as laid back and comforting as Chandigarh. So, while on my way..I picked up some flowers and leaves tucking them in my bag for the pottery/ceramics sessions I am attending in this city. The washed up streets, due to the early-day rains, and the fervent showcases of ‘love for nature’ dwelling anterior to every residence… filled me in with profound jollies!

As I walked past these little lovely, well-maintained gardens–something I miss in Hisar (my hometown); I was relishing each fresh breath of me.

Today- was my fourth session of the five I registered for, at the Red Mug Studio, Sector-8 C and I clearly had nothing in my mind to mould/create out of the stone-clay I am given. I thought, let the clay lead me..let nature rule me..take it easy..just be. No planning, no expectation..just be there for the joy of it. So, overall I had an amazing time of course and I hand-moulded the clay into small pieces of sweet-nothings! I skipped the wheel today for tomorrow’s session. 🙂

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The Visual Outlet

The built up energies,
Burnt the past effigies

Heart warms up to you
Yes, I want to thank you..

Thank you.
For pursuing me
For agonising and then soothing me
For embracing my soul
For accepting me as a whole.

For much more.. I thank you
I promise,
I will not bother you anymore.

Just be present
Live the moment

Beautiful, this life is so beautiful!

Okay, done with the poetry bit.
Song of the day — O mere dil ke chaien
Feeling of the day– Joy
Others — Nothing much.

An unusual Rain

It rained today..
In the eve.

More inside than outside..

Drained me at first..
And then soaked me..

Joy and sadness rained in and out..

This rain was a different rain..
It liquefied the euphoric pain.

Romancing Chandigarh

After a long, long, a very long time— I am back here..back to the ‘snippets’ of me. This time, it’s about Chandigarh—another place that has a special ‘place’ in my life! 🙂

I have come to visit here and my friends give me the comfort to just be. The feeling is lovely..steady with some dashes of deja vu!

This is the place where I studied arts from. I came into the College of Arts as a teenager to be adult, all of 18 years and today, when I am some 7 years plus to 30; I am here..back again. Not that I haven’t been to Chandigarh.. in these past years, I have but on fleeting visits with other stuff  to do.

Presently, I am here on my explore the self just a bit more.

I see what the city has evolved to and how I have grown as an individual! It’s invigorating.

I am in the moment of every day and I see beauty all around. The city has become more modern, fast-paced but it still has that tranquility, we hanker for. The mere thought of being in Chandigarh, all by myself, has given me much comfort for past two weeks and I was awaiting the timezone I am in. 🙂

Long live Chandigarh- The City Beautiful, an apt sobriquet.

Let a poem flow in now?
It’s quite time to! 🙂

Alright N,
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