Life is Beautiful

These recent posts here are coming like to be ‘my Chandigarh Diaries’ online 🙂

Today, at the pottery session, I made a ring just like that; and by the end of it — it was like- I am now engaged to Pottery!! 😉 The day was as wonderful as the life itself.

I woke up late, umm, like around 7 or was it 8?!? For the early hours till probably 12 — I was just kinda lost…was it about a post?!? I think so. Anyway..don’t pay attention to this part—-that’s the nonsense bit I sometimes bring up here!
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Dressed Up for the Day

I walked in a certain Deja Vu.
Dressed in a skirt of blue..
With a borrowed pair of ear-rings
beaded in purple and sea-green…
Along with some Kohl smeared
In my pink eyes;
I felt my spirits of goodness rise!!”

When in South Australia, I had often felt Adelaide as laid back and comforting as Chandigarh. So, while on my way..I picked up some flowers and leaves tucking them in my bag for the pottery/ceramics sessions I am attending in this city. The washed up streets, due to the early-day rains, and the fervent showcases of ‘love for nature’ dwelling anterior to every residence… filled me in with profound jollies!

As I walked past these little lovely, well-maintained gardens–something I miss in Hisar (my hometown); I was relishing each fresh breath of me.

Today- was my fourth session of the five I registered for, at the Red Mug Studio, Sector-8 C and I clearly had nothing in my mind to mould/create out of the stone-clay I am given. I thought, let the clay lead me..let nature rule me..take it easy..just be. No planning, no expectation..just be there for the joy of it. So, overall I had an amazing time of course and I hand-moulded the clay into small pieces of sweet-nothings! I skipped the wheel today for tomorrow’s session. 🙂

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The Visual Outlet

The built up energies,
Burnt the past effigies

Heart warms up to you
Yes, I want to thank you..

Thank you.
For pursuing me
For agonising and then soothing me
For embracing my soul
For accepting me as a whole.

For much more.. I thank you
I promise,
I will not bother you anymore.

Just be present
Live the moment

Beautiful, this life is so beautiful!

Okay, done with the poetry bit.
Song of the day — O mere dil ke chaien
Feeling of the day– Joy
Others — Nothing much.