The Words

It is a different kind of head ache!

I do not have the copyrights for the image but 'googled' it with no intentions of getting myself into a copyright issue Please!
I do not have the copyrights for the image but ‘googled’ it with no intentions of getting myself into a copyright issue Please!


My head aches
and it is a different kind of head ache

It is bursting with words…
I am getting no sleep.

The remedy
I thought, was to write

rather than forcing myself

to sleep tight..uptight.

My head aches
and yes it is a different kind of head ache-

The words in my head are conflicting
there’s no use of resisting.

Yes, in my head,
they are forming thoughts..
good, bad and ugly,
fun, cheerful and bubbly.

These thoughts triggered by words-
they walk, jog, crawl, stroll,
run and swim…
come and go at their own whim.

It is probably

an odd head

that makes me sit up

in my bed.

And the fact is that
this headache
has no reason
or a rhyme
but the clock ticks
by its time.

Words break..brake

and I stay quite..quiet

Words make, words create

disappoint or appreciate

But I have got a head ache
and I can not sleep..

while these words
these mighty words
ponder at their ease, play sweep.

Words can drive you crazy
but they heal
and they seal…
Mind you,words are a big deal.

let’s handle them with care
I want to share because
if you do not,
you too will have a headache

And yes, now you know..
it will be a different kind of headache!!



And I am sleeping now.

That was some pill worked on me!!

 Last updated on February 7, 2012

Chandigarh to Hisar

As I was packing off from Chandigarh to Hisar –
I was feeling…
Well, I don’t know what I was feeling..but the journey was cool
With rains here and there
The weather seemed pretty good; mum-dad and I were reviving memories of childhood and the radio played beautiful songs. Today being RD Burman’s birthday – the radio in the car had songs from my mum’s college days, well, mostly and dad was smiling as she sang along some of the songs that were close to her heart 🙂

Just as we stopped over at my Bua’s place – Tohana – we were kinda hungry and mum made some hot pakodas with tea. We all sat and talked and had great fun relishing each bite. Sometimes, only such family gatherings, is all that you need to feel connected.

Hisar, however – is so hot. Though rains showered and breeze was cool…my neighbour said– there was a huge storm before it rained! Hisar is,any which ways, famous for it’s extreme weather and sandy something..well, not a storm..but well ‘aandhi‘ — I can’t get the right English word- sorry!

So..our home was heated and humid inside. We opened all the doors and with in an hour or so, every thing was settled to the normal routine. I am still a little in Chandigarh Lanes so thought to calm my veins and write the memory -in! 🙂
Visited – a nursery on the way
Flowers bought home – Mogra (probably, that’s jasmine in Hindi)
Hibiscus in white and also pink and Teardrops (!) a leafy thing — will write about it.

The Visual Outlet

The built up energies,
Burnt the past effigies

Heart warms up to you
Yes, I want to thank you..

Thank you.
For pursuing me
For agonising and then soothing me
For embracing my soul
For accepting me as a whole.

For much more.. I thank you
I promise,
I will not bother you anymore.

Just be present
Live the moment

Beautiful, this life is so beautiful!

Okay, done with the poetry bit.
Song of the day — O mere dil ke chaien
Feeling of the day– Joy
Others — Nothing much.

Romancing Chandigarh

After a long, long, a very long time— I am back here..back to the ‘snippets’ of me. This time, it’s about Chandigarh—another place that has a special ‘place’ in my life! 🙂

I have come to visit here and my friends give me the comfort to just be. The feeling is lovely..steady with some dashes of deja vu!

This is the place where I studied arts from. I came into the College of Arts as a teenager to be adult, all of 18 years and today, when I am some 7 years plus to 30; I am here..back again. Not that I haven’t been to Chandigarh.. in these past years, I have but on fleeting visits with other stuff  to do.

Presently, I am here on my explore the self just a bit more.

I see what the city has evolved to and how I have grown as an individual! It’s invigorating.

I am in the moment of every day and I see beauty all around. The city has become more modern, fast-paced but it still has that tranquility, we hanker for. The mere thought of being in Chandigarh, all by myself, has given me much comfort for past two weeks and I was awaiting the timezone I am in. 🙂

Long live Chandigarh- The City Beautiful, an apt sobriquet.

Let a poem flow in now?
It’s quite time to! 🙂

Alright N,
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Some more Coffee.

It’s a cool Sunday morning, I woke up some 55 minutes back and felt like ‘poetry’ 🙂
So, time for some Coffee.
Hmm.. that’s not the title of the poem. It is:

“Some more Coffee?!?”
Let's have some hot coffee
Errr... Oh! You like cold one better?
Ok, hang on.
I 'll make one (for you) :)

You know, I prefer a Mocha
An Australian Delight
Yeah, I was introduced to Mocha in Melbourne...
And... (Just as I am about to blah...blah...blah..) :)
Eh! Ok, your  turn.
You don't wanna talk?
Okay, your wish;
Now, let me bring a 'side' dish ;)

You finished the cuppa!?
Let me clear it for you- - let me;
I love doing little things for you.
So, when are you visiting again?
We'd share my favorite toffee...
Err... I mean Coffee! :)