What the hell am I blogging about?

Back in India now; I started this blog in South Australia, for I was experiencing a different life and culture and often did these ‘nostalgic trips’ of India then  just as I go on a ‘nostalgia trip’ of Australia now and again! 🙂
This is how Snippets of Me began with this post/page:
“I am only an ordinary human being born and bought up in India, the land of odd politics and many religions… and well, a land of lot of colours – social, cultural and general! I am a proud Indian who has recently moved to South Australia and literally I am living a dream of ‘living abroad’.
Little did I know that Dreams can turn to Nightmares too!! 🙂

Contemplating over how life has changed for me here, in a Foreign Land, yet not so foreign and after countless times of debating with-in to share little snippets of my life with the virtual world where real people actually connect, I have decided to start this blog as life abroad is an isolation at times and I have developed a habit of talking to myself, I rather ‘typetalk’ here!

So, is that it?  Nah..I am trying to record what life is like living ‘Down-under’ ; currently at Adelaide, sometimes these will be events, sometimes random thoughts, feelings and other times things I notice or instances that make me smile or uff!! the nostalgia that takes me over!!

For good or worse this is my country at present to another 3 years down the time-line and I have started to like it dearly enough to accept it.”

5 thoughts on “What the hell am I blogging about?

  1. Your poetic reflections, alliterations and honest confessions are indeed heart warming! Keep up the good work! Enjoyed reading your blog today. I know how it feels to be a stranger in a different land


    • Thanks for stopping by and reflecting upon my writes..right..insight.
      How do you know how it feels..have you been away from home..country, I mean?


  2. Wow – glad I am here! I have had a fascination with India forever and really wish to visit one day. So pleased to ‘meet’ you Nikki. I am going to subscribe to your writings now 🙂


    • And I am glad that you are glad Sharni. I hope this ‘visit one day’ happens and I be the one to take you around my part of the world – India, really…I would be so very happy to 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by, come often?!


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