I Want a Poetess in Me

Once upon a time, in the world of cartoonish cosmos, there was a poet, a musician who sang out melodies and wrote notes, became a guide and saved the dying poetess with his wisdom and rationality being playful and very considerate. She can NEVER thank him enough but keeping this here on snippets FOREVER digitally.

Jess Killmenow

I want a poetess in me
I want her
To possess
I want her to
Worship my words
Poke holes in my grammar

She has surprising
About her
And it’s not


I want her
To reply to my post
To anoint my post with oil
To dance
With my post

I want her
To accept
My thanks
Among other things

She is so annoying
With her attention
That I so

I want her
To stay
And go away
And be

In me

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