A Little Writing Therapy

While half the Indians go preposterous about the Bihar Political scene and the other half binges on their favourite Indian TV shows, I sit here with a cup of hot chocolate to realise how mundane my life has become once more without that sought after TV channel- Zindagi I followed only recently…err…been two years or a little more I guess. The channel satiated my adventitious soul as life in Hisar isn’t as cool as it had been in Chandigarh, Delhi or Australia(ah!) Not that I don’t like living here but somedays…you know?!

Any way, the channel Zindagi took me to Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey and the likes after a good long string of dramas from our neighbouring country Pakistan. Sadly, the Kashmir issue and the Pak terrorist drive wouldn’t ever resolve and hence, we miss the universal culture and art retreats too. Well, that was okay till the time the channel telecasted other shows from other countries but now the channel is completely shut down!! I used to look forward to my ONE hour of TV – Monday to Friday – and that has stopped since June.

There isn’t much to do and even if there is, I have lost track of stuff that interested me. Especially as a person who lacks self-motivation, I really need to budge around here else I feel a dip into depression and so if nothing else… I should write but then I need something to write about!! As it is, I have been clueless about this blogging thing but it happened and somehow I am happy that I still keep this blog up, no matter how bad in shape it is! 🙂

Some of my friends tell me to get online and watch cool things happening here digitally or try to follow some hot series on Netflix but I am too lazy to start that sort of stuff on my own. I know it isn’t tough- it’s just that technology or anything new related to technology even in a teeny-weeny manner, is something that I avoid, I escape from…I can’t really pin-point why! It has mostly been difficult for me to pick up with any of the fast paced (or even slow) technical life though I use it every day. I take time to get over an old version of something and avoid to use any new stuff until the time it doesn’t really become extremely inevitable.

(Long breath) Wow… just writing a little made me feel happier. I must do this often. I didn’t title this write till now as i wasn’t sure what will i  come up here with…but i just gave it its title. I think, writing takes you to places other than where you are in present just as reading does.

Try it?

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