One of the best reasons that I love Hisar is – the presence of Abhinaya Rangmanch – A Performing Arts Group and the Riyaaz Studio which is also an Academy for varied arts and art performances. 

So today…
randomly going through ‘sometimes such a time waster‘ – facebook –
I thankfully came across a post stating there’s a studio performance of a play titled Bachpan (Childhood) at 7 pm. Wow! It was already past a few minutes 7 and I didn’t know if I will make it! But, I did because Theatre culture in Hisar is quite new and I hate to admit but barring a few, we have show-goers with casual attitudes — so, although it was almost 7.30 pm –  the play had just begun (making me happy that I didn’t miss much) You know, one could feel the energy of it even while walking upstairs to the studio!

Usually, the plays/shows I have watched here have adults as performers but here I saw around 50 little performers presenting the play with optimum enthusiasm. There wasn’t a single second that had my smile off except yes I was a bit distracted with mobile phones watching cum recording the ongoing performance. Just imagine, who would be foolish to watch through a device rather than watch it live?!? But I guess there were parents of the performers who preferred to capture the moments more than enjoying the real-time show.
Fortunately, I got the front seat soon!

The play portrayed the innocence of childhood dilemmas, some serious while others silly in a gregarious manner and took the audience through certain aspects of parenting or how a child’s performance is affected by his/her family-type, environment, parental perceptions and the likes. I was not amazed to see how well timed and easy-breezy transformations happened in the play from – where a fairy comes to meet the children she sent on planet earth under the care of their parents to what variety of bachpan these children lead there. The laughter bouts from the audience approved that the comical punches were well incorporated and kids enacting them made those even funnier!

The play also stated much emphasised and a common concept of letting children be who they want to be without any pressure or parental expectations. And at a point in time, these kids posed a befitting question to the audience which really hit hard. It was — Does schooling and following mad syllabuses there to run in the rat race, make us a great person/human?! 

The play was very captivating yet somewhat raw as I saw a lot was happening out there.. all of a sudden, some parts unnecessary, but the little actors made it all worth-while. We were later told that the whole concept was based on ideas and improvisations done during the learning and practice sessions with these children attending their Summer Camp at the Riyaaz Academy which definitely justifies the rawness. The little ones simply shined and a handful of them outdid themselves. 

Having worked with children myself, I know what tremendous efforts have gone through the whole process of executing such a wonderful theatrical presentation performed by children aging from probably 4 to their early teens. 

The icing on the cake was a short video of these children projected in the end which showed us glimpses of their journey from their initial days to this performance today. It was such a goody-goody feeling though I was only a one time visitor. I can only imagine how proud the parents of these kids would have felt!!

Overall, my day was well-spent and the kids made it all so enjoyable. Kudos to the team Abhinay Rangmanch. Thank you for making my living in Hisar interesting enough! 🙂

Theatre Treats in my Town

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