Mesmerising Mornings

Though I have become a morning person since mostly after 2011..2009 and 2010 had their moments..I hadn’t got many a chance lately to write a post about ‘Mornings’ as such; being scattered and often in a rush, each morning. That surely doesn’t mean that I have only enjoyed this morning 🙂
I have had similar feelings for almost all the mornings, those gave me little breathing space…like this one, today.

I now strive to make time for myself in the mornings..and I guess, I am somewhat successful over the years. I wake up after generally around 5.15 a.m.

Today, this comes at 5.40 a.m.

As I sip my mocha in a Nescafe red mug…
I sit to think how beautiful mornings are.

A bird there and here,
And another cuckoo sound there,
A little breeze,
A vivid radiant sky…

A meditative nature beneath my first floor,
Some motivational songs on the radio,
Some devotional bhajans..

A preacher with verses that incentivize, in between,
Wow! Mornings can be so inspiring
So clean.

When I ride my Bicycle

I am not sure if I mentioned my ‘love’ for the activity- cycling!? I don’t think so..else my tags would have shown. 🙂

So, you know, that I just love the rides I take on my bicycle–and specially the morning ones! I have in fact , a short time ago, returned from the bike ride,sipping some tea!! And probably you can feel how happy I am at the moment. It has been quite sometime, I rode, considering the harsh weather 🙂 and some laziness! Continue reading

School Soon

It’s been a while that I am back home from my Chandigarh Trip; where I have done some pottery, that awaits me there.
Besides, in Hisar – my school awaits me. I fell terribly sick with viral fever on 29th of June while we (the teachers) were to join school on the 2nd of July, for children it got regular from 4th July. I can’t be sure if kids miss me at school but I genuinely think of them on almost everyday basis. Something or the other clicks and I reach the school in my mind 🙂

Now, though my fever is okay–having unfortunately given me good memory loss of the past week; today I am much better but got a little throat infection – thanks to change of season. I suffer this as when i was a kid, some doctor misguided my parents and they had got my tonsils removed!! And you know how I agreed – along with a cousin of mine, for the operation- as they said, we would get lot of ICE-cream to eat! Wow! what else a kid would want in summers apart from cold baths and icy stuff!! Continue reading