My Winter Solstice 2014

Quick Press. The title of the poem is up here…I mean ‘there’ 😉
Okay, I don’t have much time but I have had an extra ordinary week-end and I want to record that memory digitally here. 🙂 I have always wanted a five day/week job that I never got  here, in India, but now I have accustomed to make my job fun through out the week so I don’t generally need weekends to ‘do it’ for me!! So, this Friday to Sunday night now, it’s 11.15 pm-
I have had a gala time and it’s better of me to shut up now. .. .. . .so I’ll just list it down!

What made my weekend special –

  • The students response on Friday ( It was their English exam)
  • Preparations for Annual Day -2 ( It takes me back to my own school days)
  • The much awaited film ‘PK’ (I went to watch it with my folks!)
  • The surprise of ‘Theater in Hisar’ (more on it later) that I have been following for…ummm…uh! this memory loss!
    Well, I had to believe what I realized was true. (!!!) – I mean, this theater thing is now just next door. They have shifted at a walking distance place to my home!! WOW!
  • The play performed this evening – ‘Patloon’ (meaning ‘Pants/Trousers’ in English)

Alright now, let’s gear up for the poet-tree:

The shortest day and longest night
I had a good weekend and the happiest was Sunday
from morning to noon to ‘now’ …tonight.
That ‘monkey moment’ in the balcony, and
– that was emotional, and not funny.

A misty morning that seemed like morning
only by 11’0′ clock
An FB post and that ‘moment’ block(ed)
Noon without the nap….colder the day gets, the usual house chores
A walk around ‘my’ sector with a hood and later a cap 😉
The barking black dog, the sobering whitish grey fog
appeared out of which – the man with my ticket to the play
‘la la la’ i walked around or did I sway?!


Evening brought my brother home
the 5 o’clock family tea was a norm;
wonder filled fragrance my sister sent
while she’s off to Thailand!

Ok, my dad says to switch off the lights
turn off the laptop
in goes the keyboard
he says
Good night.

Damn..i wanted to write but see –a plight.
Never mind, I will be back.