Out for a date; finally.

Hisar – has been in top national news for a few days now, probably two weeks– Thanks to a foolish idiotic Baba (Saint) I detest when somebody can not stand by the title they self-acclaim and otherwise also bring a bad name to a word that is so pure and…eh! I don’t want to start on all this; and I only wanted a break!

Yeah, and. . .I am glad ‘he’ came over for a visit 🙂
I know him since years. Past twenty years now. Yeah, that is a very long time. And today, I finally had a chance to go out on a date with him. Am I happy? – huh, that is a stupid question now- I am Super Happy.
It was a dinner date and started with a happy hug and an altruistic kiss:) Hmm. Continue reading

Some more Coffee.

It’s a cool Sunday morning, I woke up some 55 minutes back and felt like ‘poetry’ 🙂
So, time for some Coffee.
Hmm.. that’s not the title of the poem. It is:

“Some more Coffee?!?”
Let's have some hot coffee
Errr... Oh! You like cold one better?
Ok, hang on.
I 'll make one (for you) :)

You know, I prefer a Mocha
An Australian Delight
Yeah, I was introduced to Mocha in Melbourne...
And... (Just as I am about to blah...blah...blah..) :)
Eh! Ok, your  turn.
You don't wanna talk?
Okay, your wish;
Now, let me bring a 'side' dish ;)

You finished the cuppa!?
Let me clear it for you-
No...no...no - let me;
I love doing little things for you.
So, when are you visiting again?
We'd share my favorite toffee...
Err... I mean Coffee! :)

The child I still am.

14th of November – celebrated as The Children’s Day every year since many-many-many years because the first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru loved children and it is actually his Birthday that every year commemorates and celebrates his love for Children! 🙂

Ok now, the History Chapter over!  My past week’s been busy as well; thank goodness for the school (self talk)
I remember how as a school student myself; I, in fact, I guess… all the Jindalites* rejoiced the day so much. Yeas, days before we awaited 14th of November for two fun reasons – during the day we enjoyed a gala school fair at our premises and the night reveled our Annual Alumni Meet!
I have countless memories of it for the 12 years I spent in boarding.
However, this post is specific to my present day 14th November 🙂
Please check N’s Glossary  at the bottom for the words those are — * asterisk-ed 🙂 Continue reading