Walk for Unity

I was pleasantly surprised today (uh! actually was too thrilled to control myself!), when in the teacher’s assembly our principal told us that we were going to do the ”hot -in India” – ‘Run for Unity’ around 10 a.m.

After the first feeling of exhilaration, I gave myself a second look – What the heck!? Continue reading

Meta – Analysis

On 18th October, 2014 in my randomly written/typed rare notes –

7.00 pm

I have just come upstairs to my room after a hand at gardening with my mum and the feeling is ‘Great.’

There was something that got induced just by touching the leaves, the roots of the plants, the mud and the wet soil. Re-potting some of the floral and not floral plants; exchanging them from one old pot into the other old pot was just a moment captured in my mind. *Click*

Is it metamorphism or metaphorical or both? Whatever! My mind hit.

I asked my mother – The purpose of it all. -?
She said – “Darling, that’s how these plants will breathe better and feel the new life with-in…” and continued,” You will see them thanking us in the morning.”

I can’t wait to see the smiling flowers and leaves tomorrow!