9 Days of Faith and Fasting

Weeks have gone by yet again and I could not bring myself ‘up’ in all senses (the computer room is also upstairs 😉 to write anything new in my snippets. I am glad that I have only few people to apologise as I have only you to read what I write. 🙂

Okay, between this and that, not much has happened except that I am taking it easy to relax and rejuvenate…but yeah, this significant period of 10 days came, out of which nine went incredibly fasting and 10th was a big day- being an Indian festival as well as my mum’s 54th birthday.

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Fire and Eyes

Exactly a month today or may be a day less/more that I managed to write anything on my blog and even out of my blog; yeah, rarely anything/any word online or offline. Oh! Sorry. Actually I did write few..err..more than a few words in offline mode; the old regular way of writing since my time – 🙂 with a pen or pencil on paper. I missed that, I think, a lot. Unlike typing, I have always loved writing traditionally.

Anyway, this blog is recording of my life at my will. Places or events I visit/take part, things I recall or stuff I want to remember, the feelings I feel and wish to share openly with my readers/my friends and I should stick to the title of the post now 🙂

‘Fire and (my) Eyes’

I have forgotten some details and my memory fails me yet again 😉 but here we go – a long story cut short like some few stories in my past; this one though is fresh and the most recent one, it still is now a month old 🙂 So, all those of you kept wondering or thought may be at least once that ‘‘where’s this girl gone or what is Nikki up to??’’ ; read this and rest your minor thoughts of me, over me. I missed being in touch but didn’t miss typing, as I kinda not like typing at all. Wish I had an assistant 😉 to type without much hype…eh! degrading in rhymes, am I?!?

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