Quick-Pressing a Sun-Day Morning

''The base/space and a case study''

Flower Arrangement by mum in a Perfume bottle Vase

Before this time-line is lost
I thought to put up
another N-type
sillier – a Post 😉

I slept very few hours
but I feel so fresh
as blooming lil flowers

Woke up exactly 24 minutes back

I have really been eh!
‘what a
wonderful slack?’


I used to fret on that;
… ‘this’ is.

And it was like

an open door

to my room

carpeted floor
with an old D-mat

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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An August Saturday

- the weed with a pretty flower in deed?!?


These days, when I walk out of my lovely duplex house in Adelaide ( I rent a room here & ours is a shared house accommodation) I am seeing the winter season transforming itself to spring-type summers with rain/drizzle/light or heavy pouring plus so many colours blooming in the form of flowers and pretty weeds; you know? 🙂 … that I am reminded of a sunday-types *sunny* Monday I had last month in July…I had to refer a diary note I made just before I slept that night to let me record/remember that wonderful day & I am so glad that amidst the ‘mess’ in my room- eh! shall we call it ‘paper mess’-? as I usually keep my room really clean otherwise *hmm* except under certain URGENT-type conditions!! <—— whatever 😉 Continue reading

August ending in Amusement

Eh! where have I been all these days? 20 days, to be precise! Well, I was a little sick with temperature and the *brrrrr* cold weather in Adelaide 🙂 but all’s so beautiful even when I am ‘somewhat’ ill. All is amazingly actually wonder-full, to my obliviousness 😉 the temperature outside dropped and N’s body-temperature rose!!!

You know, I have kinda always been a little sick of the winters..I do not really know why but some people said it is because I am/was born in summers! Some ‘doctor types’ (no offenses) said because I get allergic to cold hearts 😉 Well, whatever it is, i know.. I like any weather when I am happy and dislike any damn weather condition when I am not too happy.

I can get inspired being bed-ridden and can also induce some of it in any one of you and you may disagree but well, who cares..I am free and do things at my will…you may keep moving or hang on, sway, vanish or may be just – float with me – STILL.

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