Raining Today in Adelaide

A person very dear and so intimate to me says ‘there are NO co-incidences’

I did not listen to him then and I thought he is flirting with my already frivolous mind but today I know one insight and you are reading that now. You may not feel what I feel and you may deny your feelings but I do not care. I write because it helps me so much, a realization that came too late/early in my life. Ain’t I lucky?

But yes, if there is no coincidence then it must be concurrence that coincide 😉 because that’s how I got this video link below you might see and while I was already writing this poem as it rained last night; it actually started to rain here and is still raining outside. Continue reading

Tuesdays Twist in my Life

17th July 2010

I wrote below what I am posting today on the above mentioned date. I started to write this the 1st Tuesday when that was the beginning and honestly, the post was boring. 😉 Well, another Tuesday and another twist has happened already. ‘All ready?’ and oh! yes I have yet another ‘tête-à-tête Tuesday twist’ of which I shall write soon 🙂 to pop-up here. Well, here is the post that got postponed 🙂 She wrote while I might add-on now reading : Continue reading

‘yoo-hoo’ The Monarto Zoo!

Continuing my last post ‘Sunday Rains and Roars’ here, read the child plus the poetess in me, together! Thanks for reading, if you actually do, never mind if you do not comment because I see rising hits (! 🙂 ?) to my blog somehow, recently discovered there is a stats page..err..link..eh! *whatever 😉 but certainly feels good, I have invisible company – a mode I have been in, of lately! Continue reading

Sunday Rains and Roars

This Sunday, it was already raining from last night and I slept late as the sound of the falling rain kept me awake for long which usually takes me to for a ride, you know, a ride that may be fun sometimes and not so fun at times 🙂 I do not remember now thanks to my retention power that what kind of ride was it this time I am writing about but early morning, I heard a knock on my room and a voice calling ‘Nikki..Nikki…NIKKI’  “Damn! What now? Do I have to pay some more bills?” is what I thought but answered ”Hmm..haan..yes..I am awake.” I recalled that I have recently asked my friends at home to wake me up because no matter how many alarms I put or snooze, I still find it very hard to get out of my bed 😦 I really want to relish the mornings and I am trying and hey! it’s a Sunday, it suddenly occurred to me and these people are never up this early on a Sunday?! So, what was it? Continue reading

Movies groove Me

*Wow..those were some days, I recall sitting away from all this nostalgia that comes hitting when I watch movies alone sometimes or with not very exciting movie co-goers/watchers.*  Being wistful today, I think. 🙂

I have always been a film fanatic (!!) yes, since as long as I remember being poor in Maths ;).. I also remember how I used to watch any and every movie I could get a chance to. No matter the film review, the star cast or the hit/flop stuff, I could never detest a movie because of the hard work that goes into film making and because it is an art form. I used to think of all the people behind making of a movie – the ones who do not even get any credit. Seriously, no one would ever hear me saying ‘i didn’t like the movie’ 🙂 I chose to keep quiet rather than let kids my age laugh if I said ‘it was fine.’ Few of my friends knew this so I would discuss the good points of the film with them and tried to convince others how difficult a scene or the act would be to accomplish and blah..blah..blah..I really kept appreciating dumbest of the movies and I will not like who would bad mouth a film 🙂 This was my school-time Continue reading