Raining Today in Adelaide

A person very dear and so intimate to me says ‘there are NO co-incidences’

I did not listen to him then and I thought he is flirting with my already frivolous mind but today I know one insight and you are reading that now. You may not feel what I feel and you may deny your feelings but I do not care. I write because it helps me so much, a realization that came too late/early in my life. Ain’t I lucky?

But yes, if there is no coincidence then it must be concurrence that coincide 😉 because that’s how I got this video link below you might see and while I was already writing this poem as it rained last night; it actually started to rain here and is still raining outside. Continue reading

Tuesdays Twist in my Life

17th July 2010

I wrote below what I am posting today on the above mentioned date. I started to write this the 1st Tuesday when that was the beginning and honestly, the post was boring. 😉 Well, another Tuesday and another twist has happened already. ‘All ready?’ and oh! yes I have yet another ‘tête-à-tête Tuesday twist’ of which I shall write soon 🙂 to pop-up here. Well, here is the post that got postponed 🙂 She wrote while I might add-on now reading : Continue reading