Mundane Monday

Now, after a good weekend, organising thyself in a better frame, I wonder why did I have a Monday just like the Mondays one has when she is working full-time? I am not yet employed and hate the feeling that crept in being a Monday as if I am going back to a boring desk at a boring job. That is not me! 🙂 I rather quit a job like that if I get one 😉 or make it interesting enough to kick-off the Monday low-key melodrama! But this feeling that I feel is like I had in India on certain Mondays, specially because we do not have the weekend culture there. I loved my job by the way and when you do what you love to do, you hardly feel you are working! So, the cliché Monday Blues rarely hit me but as most of the jobs in India are 6 days a week, one has only a Sunday to themselves. Some are lucky enough to spend the day in a way they will like to else one is usually trapped in the social or family humdrum 🙂 I must say I am writing this post as today I had that Monday feeling although I do not deserve it 😉 pardon me…just thought to make it end a little interesting with this glass of wine!

*See you later!*
(See who, by the way?) <—- ignore, talking to self and I shall see ‘me’ later.

Freaky Friday Fringe

No, I did not go to any special festival, function or a fair. And No, it is not about having drinks or partying in anyway at the beginning of another weekend – an Australian or Western culture, I am yet to involve in 😉 Just that I had a fantastic Friday, this last Friday that just went by. Pity that I did not write it on the fame I mean, same day! What the… this ‘f’ letter is freaking me out now?! Anyway, back to the Friday: I woke up early, after days being a late sleeper and even more late a riser. How I missed the morning glories and became an owl-like creature past 2 weeks!! Anyway, to the Friday, I owe it again to the SLSA event of hosting a very honourable exhibition of ‘Victoria Crosses‘ (VC) travelling around Australia; currently in Adelaide for 6 weeks. 🙂 I also call my post a fringe because this Friday came as an offbeat and a fresh day for me after the slack. I had fun running around the Adelaide CBD with varied interest and things to do. I had a busy morning due to the State Library event which unfortunately had an interruption due to a quick visit to a lawyer I had to make (for a thankless friend!) followed by a casual lunch with a friend (to whom I am more than Thankful 🙂 ) deliberately done before a casual interview I sat through over a ‘cup of coffee’ at a company. This Friday ended up reviving me for the job-hunt and employment approach altogether after the interview and then being at a seminar regarding the same. 🙂 I need that- don’t I? Nevertheless, the day began with this SLSA playing a host to the VCs exhibit. Now, that is some piece of interesting Australian history but it got me thinking of the Indian ‘Param Veer Chakra’ (PVC) and brave men of my country. Continue reading

Coffee Connections

Now where was I? I sit sipping coffee at home and it feels as if it has been ages when I last wrote something, nevertheless thoughts keep hitting me and ‘things to do’ buzz in my little mind, knocking hard and soft to come out but I open the door quite late. 🙂 (You should listen to the first knock, you know?) Today, I decide to publish the posts stacked up and realize the ones I did publish were ‘private’ (Now, who did that? Not me! I do not understand these simple tools of the web/wordpress and the likes or umm..I think, I do not WANT to 😉 ) I have had busy and not so busy two weeks and did not know that I have unpublished posts in here! The month of June is coming to an end and I see I have been a slack and have lost the time track quite a bit. Does this happen to any of you, where you do not realize what day or date of the week it is? And look I meant to write about the connections over a cup of coffee I have made but I am facing this short-term memory loss, I guess 😉 Never mind! Continue reading