A Pigeon Moment in life.

Wow! Today I felt a different kind of high..
Yes *wow*…I had pigeons picking and nibbling on peanuts from my hand!! Oh! I so loved that moment and that feeling of being able to do it; all thanks to the Taxi Driver who often parks his car in a block called ‘Gawler Place’ just one of the many bypass lanes (if I may call so) from Rundle Mall, the most happening place I have heard of in Adelaide as of yet. And I think RM pretty stands by the saying as something or the other keeps happening there!! For instance, a construction for Woolworth’s is going on since 2 months 😉

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Pa, I miss you!

I can not sleep tonight as I hear the rain falling outside and there are times I have spent with my dad that keep coming back to me. And since I have entered a phase of a revival, the falling rain-drops that drop and also pop up; as if dancing on the ground and then vanish to form a puddle reminds me of what has gone by. You are going to read today something I wrote a long time back when I was a little sad 🙂 Not anymore because I am today able to see LIFE coming up brighter! Continue reading

The Birthday Report – Part 2

I still remember there were these two special things that happened on my 31st Birthday and I was too sleepy to record them in my first post. As I was walking down the streets to the studio, I said I was about to join but Oh! I did not tell that I decided against it as the owner wants me to make business for him ONLY voluntarily (for a period of 6 months or more!!) and I can sense the exploitation he wraps his offer with. Told you, the Melbourne experience has taught me few lessons and I am not falling for any trap in Adelaide now 🙂 Ah! I should be proud of myself. Life’s hard being a migrant but I am learning the ropes and taking every thing as an experience and damn it I know I was writing a Birthday Post so I shall stop my migrant blabber here and take you right there! 🙂 Continue reading

The Birthday Report.

This is what happened on my Birthday in Adelaide!

Hmm.. I woke up to a fresh morning, a brighter sun, a noon that was warm and an evening that drizzled lovely and believe it or not, a night when it is raining as I write this post! What a coincidence? Like this day is how life walks along, I think. Some days are pink and some blue. Some times are happier and other not so joyous. But that is what an existence is about. It depends how you choose to breathe..I am breathing another year of my entity and it is wonderful! It was my 2nd Birthday in Australia and it is the loveliest, I have ever had. It began with an early wish from a FB friend who I have never met and then there comes a cake from the best bakery in Adelaide; Michel’s Patisserie on Sunday, few hours before time, again from a friend who I have never met. Continue reading

24th of May..I turn 31 today!

a Sentience

As I fabulously turn another year old

I review life..silver, bronze and gold..

Memories tingle inside and within

through few losses and a few win..

Childhood, teenage, youth and adult hood

I lived through worthy staunch..bad and good.


I think, I have had a taste of every thing..

Everything 😉

sweet and bitter


experienced the feeling of bliss

and the jitter.


so, I live one more year

last one being so much in fear,

my life’s been topsy-turvy

wonderful straight and curvy 🙂

I don’t quit..

yes, I have come this far

you know, in life

there are always some shutters ajar.

I am breathing fresh

and living life

walking up…walking down

a regular now

with common strife.

Life has been an escapade

… I know it will unveil

yet more of its mysterious beauty

and there is a pleasure, you know?!

… in its incredible uncertainty.

Coffee and Conversations

Ever since I have come to Australia, I have outgrown my love with coffee not to mention my new-found love with its wines, I have to yet visit a Winery 🙂 and well, I am happy to indulge in its coffees and can you think how extravagant can a simple cup of coffee get when it goes sip by sip between hearty conversations!? Today, I went for a visit of the South Australian Museum – it was awesome but I need another day to write a post about it 🙂 Thanks to SLSA and my decision to Volunteer work, I earned a chance to not only sit in the company of an Australian family but also feel like being a part of the family! No pretensions, no fake smiles, steaming hot coffee (in winters!) and chit-chat… it was mind-blowing 😉 literally! I felt rejuvenated only because after quite a long time, I have had a good cup of coffee — not sitting alone in my own world of fluctuating thoughts or not sitting with someone who pretends to listen and is hardly sitting in the moment or with someone who keeps blabbering how Australian Immigration keeps changing the rules and the stress of earning dollars or with someone who can not think beyond laying you down after the coffee or with someone who projects to guide you in a job hunt and ultimately end up pulling you down over the employment opportunities and over yourself. Today, I relished every sip and even the froth 😉 of my café Latte. My heartfelt thanks to Peter, his wife and Boronia, his daughter.  Continue reading

Rainbow Hues washed away the Blues

The unemployed phase scares me so many times…being in a foreign country, still learning my ways around, no personal or professional contacts, email rejections every morning in my inbox; I have a tendency to get lost, to get discouraged, to under-estimate myself, to judge the sensible – nonsense me 🙂 and to get low. However, I also know it is me who has to pull myself up and keep walking, chin up and today I experienced there’s something new, I realised there is something else that keeps me going 🙂 It has always helped me even in the past but I never paid much attention to it, I guess. Hmm..it is nature, the breathtaking beauty we are blessed with, it soothes me. Continue reading