A Pigeon Moment in life.

Wow! Today I felt a different kind of high..
Yes *wow*…I had pigeons picking and nibbling on peanuts from my hand!! Oh! I so loved that moment and that feeling of being able to do it; all thanks to the Taxi Driver who often parks his car in a block called ‘Gawler Place’ just one of the many bypass lanes (if I may call so) from Rundle Mall, the most happening place I have heard of in Adelaide as of yet. And I think RM pretty stands by the saying as something or the other keeps happening there!! For instance, a construction for Woolworth’s is going on since 2 months 😉

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Pa, I miss you!

I can not sleep tonight as I hear the rain falling outside and there are times I have spent with my dad that keep coming back to me. And since I have entered a phase of a revival, the falling rain-drops that drop and also pop up; as if dancing on the ground and then vanish to form a puddle reminds me of what has gone by. You are going to read today something I wrote a long time back when I was a little sad 🙂 Not anymore because I am today able to see LIFE coming up brighter! Continue reading

The Birthday Report – Part 2

I still remember there were these two special things that happened on my 31st Birthday and I was too sleepy to record them in my first post. As I was walking down the streets to the studio, I said I was about to join but Oh! I did not tell that I decided against it as the owner wants me to make business for him ONLY voluntarily (for a period of 6 months or more!!) and I can sense the exploitation he wraps his offer with. Told you, the Melbourne experience has taught me few lessons and I am not falling for any trap in Adelaide now 🙂 Ah! I should be proud of myself. Life’s hard being a migrant but I am learning the ropes and taking every thing as an experience and damn it I know I was writing a Birthday Post so I shall stop my migrant blabber here and take you right there! 🙂 Continue reading